Ephesians Study Guides Introduction Paul invested about three years at Ephesus.  You can read about it in Acts 19.  Ephesus’ main claim to fame was the goddess Diana whose image was believed to have fallen from heaven and landed at Ephesus.   A significant source of income was derived by craftsmen who made images of Diana and sold them to the unsuspecting populace. Christianity made so much progress there that the craftsmen’s income was threatened and they created such a tumult in the city that the city clerk (chief magistrate of the city) chastised the rabble for rioting and sent everyone home.  Paul left Ephesus shortly after that.  Acts 19 is a must read before studying Ephesus.  Check it out!  You’ll find the average Ephesian church member came from either a Jewish or Gentile background (important to remember as we wade into the early chapters of Ephesians) and lived in a strongly pagan, idolatrous community. In Ephesians 6:20 Paul says he was an “ambassador in chains” and many scholars believe it was written during one of his two imprisonments at Rome. We can divide Ephesus into two major divisions:   I. The doctrinal part Eph. 1–3 o 1:1-2 Greetings and salutations! 1:2  Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. God’s grace brings peace o 1:3 God has blessed us with “every spiritual blessing . . . in Christ.”  What are these spiritual blessings?  Verses 3-13 list some of them. o 1:3-13 Receiving every “spiritual blessing” in  Christ II. The practical part, or the application Eph. 4–6.
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